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Welcome to Independent George, Your Strategic Success Specialist!

Our mantra is simple: We help organizations and individuals flourish! 

More specifically, Independent George helps nonprofit organizations, government agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs soar t
hrough a full range of strategic communications services.

Our division GPS to Success Coaching & Development works with leadership teams, organizations and individuals to achieve their vision of success via one-on-one and group coaching and development.

Our division Proof You Write is a proofreading and editing service dedicated to helping individuals and businesses present their best work clearly, professionally and sans mistakes.

If you are eager to:

  • Make your organization's communications a whole lot more effective;
  • Ensure your messages are as smart and professional as you are;
  • Map out a plan so you know where your organization is headed and how to get there;
  • Take your organization to a whole new level strategically;
  • Enlist expert support to carry out a special project or event;
  • Work less and relax more!; or
  • Identify and attain your vision of success;
Let's partner and make it happen!

It's All Zen with Independent George ...
Our modus operandi is comprehensive, collaborative, inspired and bold. Learn more about our approach and the services we provide to support your goals.

We look forward to being your partner in strategic success!

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